Current Projects

Majiji School

We are working to install solar panels at Majiji High School, an improvised boarding school located in the Bubi District, a rural community outside of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Majiji has been without power for over a year now which has led to numerous setbacks. By investing in solar panels, Majiji High School will have a guaranteed power source that is completely self-sufficient. The benefits of the solar panels will immediately provide: light for evening study sessions and night classes, a wifi hub for teachers to research and create lesson plans, and power to charge electronic devices, printers, copying machines and audio-visual equipment to be used during class.

Completed Projects

The Sports Education Leadership Foundation has created opportunities for youth to participate in sports through leading sports clinics with other youth, coaches, and teachers, building multi-sports/basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields and huts, and donations of sports equipment. We have held campaigns for sports equipment donations and worked with companies, businesses, coaches, teams, and celebrities to share and donate to the numerous countries and programs visited.






Local Projects