Current Project Completed April 2020

Majiji School

The installation of the solar panels at Majiji High School in Zimbabwe has been successful. Majiji High School is an impoverished boarding school located in the Bubi District, a rural community located outside Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The solar panels will impact 500 students and 27 teachers at Majiji. The solar panels will provide light in the classrooms, teacher’s workroom, unlimited internet access for teachers, light for evening studies, and more.
The solar panel were successfully installed at Majiji High School by Belmont Electrical. The staff received training on the solar panels and the lights were switched on to the excitement of all.
Director of Special Programs, Sydney Sibanda successfully coordinated all the activities leading to the successful installation of the solar panels at Majiji High School.
Sydney Sibanda’s reflection about the solar panels:
“It’s all about changing lives…kids are very happy today…it’s the dawn of a new era. We are birthing things that will outlive us…doctors, athletes, lawyers, humanitarians, teachers will be born out of these efforts we are making today. I am humbled and grateful.”

From the Majiji Headmaster, Mr. Dube,
Majiji High School would like to thank The S.E.L.F. Project for the successful installation of the Solar System project which has completely changed the face of Majiji High School. Special thanks goes for funding this project and transforming the lives of 500 learners and 27 teachers who now have access to the internet and making it possible for the school to conduct evening studies. We are now assured of an improved passing rate. As a result of this project, Majiji High School is assured of retaining highly qualified teachers who are assured of unlimited internet access and no more electricity power cuts. In order to protect this priceless donation, we have put up a fence in order to protect the solar panels. The batteries and the inverter which has an in built regulator are secure as they were put inside an enclosed secure room. The structure is now well protected by a fence and a flood light has been installed. The two security guards will only use the flood light in times of emergency. May l assure you that we will keep this donation safe as we cannot afford to lose this once in a lifetime donation. My teachers and I are indeed indebted to you for taking time out of your heavy schedule to act upon transforming the lives of the learners and the Majiji community at Large. Thank you.

Completed Projects

The Sports Education Leadership Foundation has created opportunities for youth to participate in sports through leading sports clinics with other youth, coaches, and teachers, building multi-sports/basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields and huts, and donations of sports equipment. We have held campaigns for sports equipment donations and worked with companies, businesses, coaches, teams, and celebrities to share and donate to the numerous countries and programs visited.






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