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The S.E.L.F. Project was initially founded conducting local and global service projects to promote participation in sports and physical activity especially with girls and women in 2008. Trips abroad consisted of students who were diverse ethnically and socio-economically. During trips abroad, sports clinics were conducted to promote proficiency in the sport/activity, leadership, self-esteem and teamwork for both S.E.L.F. participants and those being taught. These projects also included the donation of sports equipment and the construction of basketball/multi-purpose courts, volleyball courts and soccer fields. Workshops were held with teachers and coaches, presenting information on the value of lesson planning, practice planning, coaching techniques and strategies and the important role coaches play in a young person’s life.

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Current Project

Solar Panels in Zimbabwe

We are working to install solar panels at Majiji High School, an improvised boarding school located in the Bubi District, a rural community outside of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Majiji has been without power for over a year now which has led to numerous setbacks. By investing in solar panels, Majiji High School will have a guaranteed power source that is completely self-sufficient. The benefits of the solar panels will immediately provide: light for evening study sessions and night classes, a wifi hub for teachers to research and create lesson plans, and power to charge electronic devices, printers, copying machines and audio-visual equipment to be used during class.

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November 25, 2019


The S.E.L.F. Project provides opportunities for youth to be empowered through sports and local and global service. As Bloom’s taxonomy states, one of the best ways to learn something is…
Girls Participation
November 25, 2019

Women’s Sports Foundation

From the Women’s Sports Foundation: High school girls who play sports are less likely to be involved in an unintended pregnancy ; more likely to get better grades in school…
November 25, 2019


The S.E.L.F. Project is a mutually beneficial youth sports ambassador program that provides opportunities for youth to travel abroad and be empowered through sports and global service. Participants conduct workshops…

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